Embrace The "NOW" Way!

Share.to is a vastly more efficient way of working with external stakeholders than email. It helps workers across business processes perform their jobs more efficiently. The following usecases illustrate how Share.to may be used in different situations.

For External Collaboration

Share documents, contacts and links with partners and vendors

Allow partners and vendors to share data from their own systems

Share tasks to manage joint projects

Coordinate schedules with calendars

Have ongoing video conferences to discuss details and engage partners

For Sales Enablement

Share marketing material and product specs with prospects

Allow prospects to share contacts, completed forms, requirements

Invite product experts to help with sales effort

Help answer prospect questions while they trial your product

Jump into a video conference to discuss final details and close the deal!

For Customer Service

Share product specifications, warranty documents and FAQs with customers

Allow customers to share contacts and requirements documents

Manage joint projects adding additional members from your and their team as needed

Invite third parties to help with the client project

Conduct video conferencing sessions to demo the product and answer questions on the spot

For Team Collaboration

Use Share.to as a cross-departmental collaboration space

Allow different departments and company groups to leverage their own systems

Share documents, manage joint projects and coordinate schedules

Communicate in real time, or through social conversations

Conduct cross-department video conferences to discuss issues and build team spirit