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Digital Acceleration for Insurance Services

Create new experiences for customers using video, messaging and engagement tools

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Share.to's flexible engagement tools leverage latest mobile and web technologies and allow you to improve diverse insurance processes.

Claims Processing

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Share.to allows for the immediate visual collaboration across the channel of choice – social, mobile, video, and audio - to communicate and share information that is essential to completing a process - Stephen Busateri, Verizon Enterprise Solutions.

Stephen Busateri

Global Practice Manager, Verizon Enterprise Solutions

Claims Processing

Share.to simplifies the claims process both for the customer and claims professionals.

On-the-Spot Claims

With Share.to, clients can complete key steps in the process right on-the-spot from their phone.

  • Get answers from agents via messaging and mobile video
  • Allow adjusters to inspect the claim without being there via live video
  • Securely accept links and forms from agents and file a claim right from the phone

Bring everyone together in one place

Share.to a single place where all parties - client, adjuster, agent, contractor - can be brought together as the process unfolds.

A single pane of glass for the entire claims cycle

Manage all the sharing and communication over the claims cycle in Share.to, using your channel and device of choice.

Sales Enablement

Equip sales agents with the tools to engage prospects and sell better.

Turn your agents into road warriors

No more scrambling to keep up with prospects. Share.to is a single place where agents can:

  • Build a relationship with audio and video conferencing
  • Instantly answer prospect questions via mobile messaging
  • Access sales collateral and share it with prospects
  • Keep on top of multiple opportunities

A single pane of glass to drive faster sales

Quickly bring together prospects, agents and underwriters to rapidly drive an opportunity to closure.

Verizon's Experience & Security. Share.to's Innovation.

Share.to has been launched in partnership with Verizon Enterprise Solutions. We've worked closely together to understand needs across key verticals, identify gaps and deliver a fine tuned solution. The end result is a tailored solution built by Share.to, hosted on Verizon enterprise-grade cloud.

  • Taiored solution for Insurance industry needs
  • Hosted on Verizon's enterprise-grade cloud
  • Unparalelled security with 2-factor and biometric authentication


Audio/Video calling

Engage your customers with rich communications on mobile or web

Screen sharing

Help customers with claims forms and product documentation by sharing screens

Persistent workspaces

Manage the entire claims or sales cycle in a single pane of glass

Chat & mobile messaging

Answer ongoing questions instantly even while you're on the road

Involve all stakeholders

Easily include underwriters, product experts, claims experts as the process unfolds.

Share files, links, contacts

Share claims forms, sales collateral, important contacts, links etc.

Works with existing apps

Easily share information from existing apps like Dropbox, Office 365, Google Apps, Box and more.

Assign Tasks

Lay out the steps to be taken in a process via task assignments

Coordinate schedules

Coordinate schedules through shares calendars

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