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Meet, share, communicate with anyone in your network

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Contact us + Verizon has been launched in partnership with Verizon Enterprise Solutions. We've worked closely together to understand needs across key verticals, identify gaps and deliver a fine tuned solution. allows for immediate visual collaboration across the channel of choice – social, mobile, video, and audio - to communicate and share information that is essential to completing a process

Stephen Busateri, Global Practice Manager, Verizon Enterprise Solutions

Hosted on Verizon Cloud

Hosted on Verizon's state-of-the-art cloud.


2-factor authentication, biometrics, eSignature & more.

Custom Vertical Solutions

Solutions for the precise needs of Insurance, Finance, Healthcare, SMB etc.

Real-time video chat and conferencing

Have high impact meetings on the go, with people in your company or outside, where they choose their channel of choice.

No-Plugin Video/Audio Meetings

Pull your team together for a meeting on the fly, or schedule ahead of time

Screen Sharing

Show everyone presentations or web-pages on your screen with a click

External Conferencing

Instantly pull outsiders into meetings with a secure session based url

Persistent Social Conversations

Group & 1-on-1 Chat

Rich chat for individuals and teams with inline sharing, threaded comments and activity updates

2-Way Email Communication

For people who love email too much, chat with them without ever having them leave their inbox

Mobile Messaging

With powerful iOS and Android apps, doubles up as your business messenger

Supported Apps

You can bi-directionally sync information with popular business apps including document management, task management, calendaring, contact management, notes and other systems

Coming soon:


Not just files, but pictures, notes, tasks, calendars, links, contacts - you name it!


Pick how you want to use - web, Android, iOS, or Desktop!


Mobile and Tablet






Windows 8 and above


Coming Soon in the real world

Insurance Sales

"I'd be much more effective if it was easier to engage my clients"

Claims Processing

"That accident shook me up! I sure hope the claims process will be painless"


"Loan rates are going up – I’d better get my refinancing locked down. I just hope this goes smoothly..."

Health Care

"I'm worried about my procedure. Everything should be smooth and my family reassured.."

Wealth Management

"I wish I could give my clients a transparent view of their portfolio"

Realtor Enablement

"I wish it were easier to manage my prospects"


"If only could simplify the mortgage process for my clients and easily bring everyone together"

It's lovable!

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